Yu-Zam Team presents research at the University of Zambia, Lusaka

On 4 May 2023 our research team had the privilege to present the project in front of Zambian colleagues at the Seminar Series of the University of Zambia’s Department of Historical and Archaeological Studies, Lusaka. Immanuel Harisch, Joy Phiri and Teckson Njovu spoke about the general aims and the current progress of the research for about half an hour. The ensuing discussion touched upon the issue of Yugoslav-Zambian collaboration in the sphere of military training, the Cold War friendship between Kaunda and Tito, the role of the joint venture company ZECCO in the Zambian parastatal sector and similarities in the architectural design of FINDECO house building in Lusaka and the UNIS towers in Sarajevo. Many thanks go to Mbozi Santebe and Friday Mulenga for organizing our talk and to the Head of Department, Alfred Tembo, for the warm reception. We look forward to continuing exchange of ideas and collaboration with the scientific staff at the University of Zambia.