YuWorkZambia Lusaka Team Poster Campaign

The Lusaka-based part of the research team had a poster campaign around different areas of the town. This was done to find more participants willing to take part in the project by helping us with any relevant information or contacts with former workers of Yugoslav companies in Zambia. The poster campaign was done as a follow up to the newspaper ad published in the May 27th, 2023 issue of Zambia Daily mail newspaper, requesting for contacts. This ad had a positive response as we had a chance to interview two former workers of a Yugo-Zambian joint venture construction company ZECCO.

The first round of the poster sticking campaign took place between the 31st July and 1st August 2023. It was done by research assistants, Teckson Njovu and Joy Phiri, focusing on the areas that involved Yugoslav-Zambia works such as the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), FINDECO building, and the fly-over bridge next to FINDECO building. Furthermore, posters were put up in different areas around the University of Zambia (UNZA) main Campus. The second round of the poster sticking campaign took place on the 12th September 2023 around Kabwata Flats area, St Patricks Bus station and Central Statistics area. The idea is to keep having the poster campaigns every two to three weeks in different areas while checking on the areas with posters already.

The poster campaign experience was amazing as we managed to put posters in different areas and spark a lot of curiosity. The people who saw us putting the posters would come and ask what the posters were about. This gave us an opportunity to explain more about the project to the people in the community. Furthermore, the team received messages from different people who wanted to find out more about the project. These people got in contact with the team through the posters. Therefore, the poster sticking campaign has been successful and we look forward to hearing more feedback from the public.

Teckson Njovu and Joy Phiri